Integrating STEAM, SEL and Service Learning

Complete Pre-K - 5 Afterschool Set

The Charity for Change Giver Program is a rigorous, standards-based math and language arts curriculum effectively engaging elementary school-age students through 100 afterschool, summer and in-school locations, and is available for every state.

The Giver Program is an evidence-based social and emotional learning curriculum involving coordinated class, schoolwide, family and community participation that develops key SEL skills: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making.

Your students earn real money from Charity for Change for charities your students research and select by completing rigorous, standards-based curriculum activities. The Giver Program mascots motivate your students, celebrating each success with personalized greetings and celebrations.

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The scientifically-proven elements of the Giver Program bring STEAM and SEL to life with comprehensive approaches that include:

              • Animated math games;
              • Word puzzles;
              • Role-play puppet shows;
              • Visits from charities and project-based activities;
              • Incentive prizes;
              • Lesson plans with pre/post tests; and
              • Engaging, interactive mascots.

These components provide a foundation for higher academic achievement and increased pro-social behaviors, reinforcing future employability skills, enhancing students' ability to succeed in school, careers and life.

The Charity for Change Program is web-based and designed to run on any browser that supports Adobe® Flash® Player. Program activities are designed for a class or group to work through together. For best results, presenting the Program using a computer connected to a projector is recommended. The planning and tracking is done for you. The website prompts you through each step.

Easy to use -- teachers or counselors just log on.

Your students will:

  • Earn real money for charities they research and select by completing curriculum activities
  • Master math problem-solving skills
  • Improve character and citizenship skills
  • Be engaged and inspired to learn
  • Take action for the benefit of others
  • Be empowered by understanding how they are helping others in their community
  • Be greeted personally by interactive, animated mascots
  • Have FUN

You will:


  • Save valuable time
  • Have access to reportable data
  • See improved character, compassion, empathy and self-efficacy in your students
  • Build a stronger connection to the school day, your community and parents through family events

Online, weekly content includes:

  • 30 weeks of curriculum for all grade levels for one afterschool site
  • Mascots who engage your students by site name
  • Animated, standards-based math games aligned with Common Core and personalized to your site
  • Character trait puzzles

Kit includes:

  • Incentive prizes for weekly participation
  • Incentive prizes for session winners
  • Character trait certificates
  • Program Guide
  • FREE training and ongoing support
  • FREE shipping

Printable Content:

  • Readers theater puppet scripts personalized to your site
  • Finger puppet coloring project
  • Kinesthetic activities
  • Coloring page bank project
  • Parent engagement projects

The Giver Program engages your students in their community by:

  • Working together to research charities
  • Voting on the selection of their charities
  • Earning real dollars for the charities they select
  • Completing curriculum activities relevant to their community
  • Participating in visits from charities they are helping
  • Working together on volunteer projects
  • Receiving a personalized thank-you letter from the charities

The Giver Program is a supplemental curriculum created by experts to support academic achievement through its math curriculum, while the charity and character components build self-efficacy, empathy and citizenship skills.

Efficacy proven by a third-party study:  improved academic achievement, character and citizenship skills.

 Academic and SEL impact study executive summary

The Giver Program provides teachers or afterschool counselors with the tools they need to help students become global citizens – creating connections among students, parents, charities and the community. 

Click to see an example of our engaging, standards-based math problems. 

Click to see a sample of our character education puzzles.

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Charity for Change is a non-profit dedicated to providing affordable educational tools through the Giver Program since 2008.

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