Participating Schools and Afterschool Programs


Charity for Change is honored to deliver the in-school Program to the following four elementary schools in Collier County, Florida:  

BridgePrep Academy

Calusa Park Elementary School (Title 1)

Lely Elementary School (Title 1)

Royal Palm Academy 

Charity for Change is honored to deliver the afterschool Program to the following afterschool programs in Collier County, Florida: 

Eden Park Elementary (Title 1 through Guadalupe) 

Highlands Elementary (Title 1 through Guadalupe) 

Lake Trafford Elementary (Title 1 through Guadalupe) 

Pinecrest Elementary (Title 1 through Guadalupe)

Village Oaks Elementary (Title 1 through Guadalupe)

Charity for Change is honored to deliver the Summer Program to the following summer programs in Collier County, Florida:

Greater Marco Family YMCA

Lake Trafford Elementary School (Guadalupe Center)

Lely Elementary School (Greater Marco Family YMCA)

Manatee Elementary School (Greater Marco Family YMCA)

Mike Davis Elementary School (ASP, Inc.)

Palmetto Elementary School (ASP, Inc.)

Pinecrest Elementary School (Guadalupe Center) 

In partnership with the Palm Beach County School District, the afterschool  and Summer Programs are also in 27 locations in Palm Beach County, Florida.    

In partnership with the Republic School District, the Afterschool Program is delivered to 5 sites in Republic, Missouri.

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