How It Works

At the beginning of each of the five Charity Sessions, the students in each grade learn about three charities and vote on the charity they want to support.  There are 72 local and national charities in all.  The Charity Session topics include:  School Choice; Food, Shelter and Emergency; Health; Animal Welfare; and Art, Education and Environment.  Together, each class sets a fundraising goal.  The students bring in change or host mini-fundraisers to contribute to the classroom bank for their charity.

Giver shivering at Lely

Weekly, the class logs onto the Charity for Change animated website and plays a fun, interactive math game called "Counting for Charity."  The game aligns with national and state standards.  With each correct answer, the students earn additional dollars for their charities from community partners.  The program mascot, Giver, encourages the students and does the "Giver Shiver" wiggle dance with them at the end of the game.  The students also participate in word games and puzzles with prizes, further reinforcing the positive character traits and charity theme.

Broccolo Puzzle CPE

Charities participate by visiting the classrooms and talking about the services they provide to the community, further helping students connect with how their donations help others.  The charities also write individual thank-you letters to the classrooms.  Charities receive 100% of student and “Counting for Charity” math game dollars.

Care Mobile CPE

The community participates as partners by contributing to support the “Counting for Charity” math game and other prizes.

Meet Giver and experience a sample math game by entering as a Visitor at  Just click on "Play" and hear Giver introduce the program.  Then, click "Go" on the Visitor's Pass and you'll be welcomed by Giver.  If you click through the colored buttons, you can experience how the classrooms participate weekly.

As participating Principal Dr. Terrie Mitev said "This program is developing tomorrow's philanthropists.  You have enriched and broadened our students' understanding of the world, helping us develop their character, citizenship and empathy for others."


U2Can Giver Visitors Pass