Giver Word Game

GIVER FUN FACTS:   When traveling on the ground, orangutans place their weight on the outside of inwardly turned fists, a type of walking known as "fist walking."


Giver, U2Can, and their second grade friends celebrated KINDNESS and CHARITY month by entering a crossword puzzle contest about orangutans.  They showed KINDNESS and CHARITY by donating the prize to the class charity.  For your chance to win next week's MYSTERY PRIZE, unscramble the words in the word bank below and complete the crossword puzzle.  HAVE FUN with KINDNESS and CHARITY!..

 .OrangCross.23.100222..      OrangCros.3.Words.100222

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Mrs. Karen Conley (Charity Karen)

Ms. Peg O'Kane  
Mrs. Suzanne Todd (Safari Suzanne)  
Your Charity for Change "Giver" Team



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