What Others Are Saying.

“You have enriched and broadened our students' understanding of the world, helping us develop their character, citizenship, and empathy for others. It is a mutually gratifying relationship.”  Dr. Terrie Mitev, Principal, Calusa Park Elementary School

"The students' excitement for this Program at the awards assemblies was palpable!  The 'Giver' Program should be available to every classroom in the country."  State Representative Kathleen Passidomo

Giver and kids with bongos

"The 'Giver' Program is important in my classroom because it teaches the character traits and shows students the importance of giving to one another and helping others.  The math problems are a great review of content being taught, and the Program allows students to help our own community and bring the community into the classroom."  Kathryn Klein, second grade teacher, Calusa Park Elementary

"We are a diverse school and many of our children come from homes that are struggling to make ends meet.  The 'Giver' Program helps all children feel they can help others, even if they don't have pennies to give."  Megan Noe, second grade teacher, Lely Elementary

"We loved participating in the Charity for Change Program. The children learned so much. They looked forward each week to the math problems and the word games. Learning about the different charities and giving to those in need was a huge life lesson that they received!  It was awe-inspiring!  From a teacher's perspective, I can't say enough about the ease of the program as well as the benefits!"  Mrs. Goforth, second grade teacher, Lely Elementary 

"Hello!  We are having a blast with these charities!!!  Our class chose Youth Haven because two of my students said they've received help from them—what an outstanding opportunity to be able to give back at such a young age!!!  Thank you so much!!!"  Golden Terrace Elementary School Giver Team Leader

"The "Giver" program has warmed my heart as a teacher.  I became a teacher to inspire young minds to grow to their fullest potential and instill in them a sense of good character that will take them wherever their dreams may lead them.  Ironically, this program has amazed me by my students' willingness to give to others and inspire one another through their generous donations.  This program is teaching my first graders the joy and reward of giving back to others.  Most importantly, rather than teaching good character, the "Giver" program, builds good character.  For that, this teacher couldn't be more proud!"  Gina Napoli, first grade teacher, Calusa Park Elementary

"Thank you so much for your visit yesterday!  The students are so excited and proud of themselves for helping students in our community.  Thank you for all of your support in our Charity for Change program!"  Megan Banta, Kindergarten teacher, Lake Park Elementary (commenting on a charity visit)

"All the clients were touched by what the kids do.  We are so pleased to be a part of the program!"  Luanne Wahlstrom, Executive Director of Care Club of Collier County

"Charity for Change has given my class the opportunity to think of others.  Not only do they bring in change, but they bring in dollar bills, five dollar bills, etc.  When they find change on the floor they immediately want to put it in the bank.  Setting a goal each week has kept them accountable and motivated to work towards it.  One of my students even raised money outside of school and brought it in to put towards our charity.  It has taught my students how to think of others and there are others or organizations that are in need...  Math games not only reinforce math skills, but character traits.  This has been such a positive addition to our daily routine."  Christine Bezjak, first grade teacher, Lake Park Elementary

"Charity for Change has been really easy to implement in the classroom.  Once you select a charity and set a goal, all you need to do is have the bank accessible to students.  My class really enjoys doing the math questions each week and they love to do the "Giver Shiver" at the end.  We also do some of the puzzles, Sudoku is a favorite. The math questions take less than 10 minutes and are aligned with the curriculum so they are great teaching and reviewing opportunities. We have also had (charity) representatives come in to talk about their organization, which connects to our PBS and character traits. The kids feel good and are proud to be helping out."  Pamela Pollard-Moran, fifth grade teacher, Lake Park Elementary

“The school visits provide a wonderful opportunity for us to thank the students first-hand and share with the children and their teachers the incredible ways in which their generosity is impacting the lives of our children and families.  I am always so impressed with how engaged the students are and how much genuine interest they show in learning about how their donations help Youth Haven.  The Charity for Change program does a remarkable job of showing students that no matter how big or little a gift is, it will make a long-lasting difference in others’ lives.”  Ron McSwiney, CEO at Youth Haven

“Our partnership with the Charity for Change program has had a very positive impact on our students.  They have learned more about charitable organizations, the community, and the importance of helping others, thus creating a culture of ‘giving’ at Lake Park Elementary.”  Tamie Stewart, Principal, Lake Park Elementary.

“Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to share our mission with the students.  I really enjoyed interacting with the children and could see that the images and information that I was presenting truly resonated with them.  They all had such thoughtful questions and it was evident that they were engaged.  Thank you for your partnership.  I received a wonderful card with notes from students in Ms. Osterbrock and Ms. Young’s classes.  It really touched my heart that they were paying such careful attention to Hope for Haiti’s mission.  Thanks for including us in Charity for Change this year!” Stephanie Jepsen, Director of Development, Hope for Haiti (comments after participating in classroom visits)

“It’s great that the children are becoming aware of what’s going on in and around the community.  We love the program and are happy we are participating!”  Mrs. Howell first grade teacher at Calusa Park Elementary

We begin teaching students test taking strategies in Kindergarten.  The math quizzes and word puzzles are perfect tools for this.  The questions are well written and need to be read completely to determine the correct answer.  Carlotta Rubel, Kindergarten teacher, Lely Elementary

Thank you for coming in and talking to us all about it.  Love answering the questions, doing the puzzles, and doing THE GIVER SHIVER.  Sara, 3rd Grade Student, Calusa Park Elementary

“We have received a few boxes [of books] from Lake Park Elementary already!  Our [pre-K] children are making the thank you notes which Julie will deliver this week.  The start of a wonderful friendship!  Thanks for being the catalyst.”  Franny Kain, Executive Director, Fun Time Early Childhood Academy (commenting on book drive for Fun Time started by students at Lake Park Elementary)

“Thank you so much for the good news that First Book received a donation of $131.61 from seven Kindergarten classes involved in Charity for Change.  Your charity does a wonderful job of introducing young children to the importance of philanthropy, and we are thrilled and honored to have been chosen directly by the children as a cause worthy of their support.”  Joanne Wyss, Co-founder and Chair, First Book-Collier County

"Thank you for all that you're doing to get children involved in charitable giving and world impact." Jo Luck, President and CEO of Heifer International


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